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A Brief History

I developed interest in anything with an engine at a very young age. Then at the age of sixteen was working on cars, of course with help and guidance from some very knowledgeable old timers. In nineteen eighty seven started working at a Chevrolet dealership. I was lucky that the dealership provided training at the General Motors training center. From there I had obtained my inspection and emissions licenses. Taken ASE classes (Automotive Service Excellence) and received, Steering and suspension, Brakes, Drive line, Electrical and Engine. Pretty standard stuff for most techs. Then started doing insurance interior work. Water leaks and pest damage were the most common causes. Gaining experience in upholstery replacement, Interior trim, carpet and detailing. Fast forward to nineteen ninety five, I had purchased my own business repairing small to heavy equipment. Everything from chainsaws and dirt bikes to Bob Cats. Over the next twenty plus years i got quite  a lot of experience running a business and dealing with customer relations. Though never stopped working on vehicles during that time. Continuing to work on personal cars. Doing work for friends , family and customers. Then by 2010 looking for more of a challenge started restoring classic cars. Learning metal fabrication, Frame  repair and panel replacement along the way. Of course I have had the help and guidance of many skilled craftsmen. To which I owe my gratitude. Then moving on to body and paint work. Interior fabrication and replacement.  Receiving increasing request for work from customers, I decided to relocate to a larger shop. Hired employees with skills and certifications of there own. So we as a team continue to grow and move forward. Thanks to all for your continued support! Manfred  
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